Computer To Plate : Method of directly producing data as a printing plate
computer-printing plate-printing
Since CTP can reproduce up to 1% of halftone dot and realize a detailed difference of density, it is sui table for advanced printing. In addition, it shortens the time it takes from output to printing, and is easy to save cost.
TPA Korea has a CTP print room and can respond quickly if data issues are found when printing.
Equipment Status
Machine name Size Colors Qty Origin / Model Remarks
CTP Output 3 Prism CTP (UV Plate)
CTP Output 1 Agfa CTP (UV Thermal Plate)
Film Output 1 Japen / Luxel CTP
Drum Scanner 1 England / EAC
Plate Equipment 1 Korea Full system
Deceloping M. 1 Korea Full system
Color Printer Fuji Xerox Korea Full system